The Northland PACE Day Centers


Northland PACE has three locations; Bismarck, Dickinson, and Minot.

The Day Center is a central part of Northland PACE Senior Care Services. Participants, families and our Care Team determine the number of days you will attend the Day Center. Participants attend, see their doctor, participate in therapies and recreational activities, or just catch up with friends.

A noon meal is served Monday through Friday. Day CenterThe Northland PACE Activities team present fun, creative and stimulating programs that get participants moving and thinking! There are daily exercise sessions, parties, games and group participation activities such as painting, crafts, baking, and decorating for the holidays. Local musicians and presenters are brought in on a regular basis to provide entertaining, informative and spiritual programs.

Northland PACE Day Centers are staffed with all essential medical personnel, and equipped with the medical equipment (wheelchairs, oxygen, diabetic supplies, etc.) necessary to deliver the highest quality of comfort and care services to our participants. Many of your medical needs are available in the PACE Day Center clinic, located on the premises.

The Day Centers are integral to participant’s health and quality of life. Contact us to arrange a visit, have a meal, and meet our staff. You'll find a welcoming, comfortable place where you'll enjoy spending time.


Northland PACE Bismarck Northland PACE Dickinson                         Northland PACE Minot

2223 East Rosser Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone: 701-751-3050

Serving zip codes:  

58501, 58502, 58503,

58504, 58554, 58558

830 2nd Ave E, Suite 212                              2700 8th St NW
Dickinson, ND 58601                                    Minot, ND  58703

Phone: 701-456-7387                                   Phone:  701-857-8045

Serving zip codes:                                     Serving zip codes:

58601, 58602, 58652,                                 58701, 58703, 58722, 58785

58655, 58656, 58630

Toll Free 1-888-883-8959                                      TTY# 800-366-6888   For the hearing impaired

For more information, email us at: 

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