The Northland PACE Program


PACE stands for:

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly


Mission Statement:

Northland PACE Senior Care Services promotes independence through the coordination of all health services, allowing participants to continue living safely and with dignity at home for as long as possible.


Core Values:

Compassion  |  Service |  Teamwork  |  Respect  |  Integrity  |  Innovation



Northland PACE Senior Care Services has at its core the goal of helping people age 55 and older stay healthy, independent, and remain in their homes and communities as long as possible.


The PACE program is designed for individuals who may require nursing home placement but would prefer to receive the kind of support that keeps them safely in their homes and communities. Northland PACE provides this support by creating an all-inclusive program of care that meets each individual participant’s needs.


Northland PACE helps aging individuals and their family caregivers by providing and coordinating a full range of healthcare and in-home services. For many elderly individuals, minimal services and/or medications are needed. For others, medical monitoring plus skilled nursing care, therapies, and in-home assistance are required. Northland PACE provides and coordinates all of these services plus health-care appointments and transportation so that participants are as healthy and as independent as possible.


After pre-authorization from the PACE Interdisciplinary Care Team (IDT), the program may also include medications, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and other assistance that the Northland PACE doctors may prescribe. In-home services may include personal care (bathing and dressing), nutritional counseling and meal preparation assistance, light housekeeping, and other chores.

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